Organic waste is a resource that occurs almost daily. Frequently, the natural waste ends up in residual waste and is burnt at the end of its journey. 
The main question of the project was how to use the entire biowaste as a resource for further use?
Waste of organic origin naturally contains important structure-forming substances such as cellulose, lignin, starch or lime, which serve as binders without synthetic additives. 
The focus of the project was on the production process of the material:
presorting, cleaning and shredding the waste and, above all, creating the right recipe. 
The project includes a material study and a product solution. The result is a multifunctional disposable tableware. After use, it can be reused as a plant pot and becomes part of the biological cycle.
Elena Blazquez, 2017

Paula Hildebrand, Elena Blazquez
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